Thursday, 31 March 2011

So much to do, no inclination to do it.

My house has beaten me. Well, maybe it's my life that has me beaten this week, the house is just a symptom.

Since I became a Mum, I have been very organised (seriously) and more than a little house proud, as being a SAHM became my job.  Just lately that has all changed.

On the surface it all looks OK. But I know it isn't.  My standards have dropped.  For example, today I have neither made my bed nor swept the floor.  The main issue though is about Toys and Clothes.

I have 3 full baskets of clean washing plus another 2 baskets on the line.  I just can't seem to put them away...

The corner of the Munchkins bedroom is tub on tub and piles of clothes, all in smaller than he needs or larger than he needs sizes.  I need to sort, relabel, wardrobe and store.  No inclination.

The inside of the Little Mans wardrobe looks like a cyclone tore through it.  Same problem though, next size up mixed with current clothes.  No inclination.

The spare bedroom started to accumulate things just after Christmas. This is a previously unheard of situation.  That room is always guest ready. Nope. Not at the moment.  No inclination.

The kitchen cupboards have NEVER been sorted. We moved in in July and the kitchen is completely different to all we have had previously, so I wasn't sure how to load the cupboards so I just threw it all in box by box to be done later.  No inclination.

The car needs a tire replaced, a service and the interior needs the leather cleaned. No inclination.

Worst of all would have to be the Playroom.  There are so many toys.  Two birthdays and Christmas with no cull in between has made it impossible to tidy or organise.  I keep threatening a cull. But, you guessed it, no inclination.

I just can't stand the clutter, it's making me crazy.  Well maybe the word is crazier.

I was driving back from a totally annoying errand this morning thinking that no matter how financially challenging life has been in the last few years (and it has been VERY), we have always managed and found ways to get by without too much sacrifice and being glad about that briefly cheered me up, but not enough to get motivated to do all that needs to be done.  Unfortunately.


  1. Hope you get your mojo back before it gets to crazy.. Speaking from experience..
    Good Luck! :)

  2. Thanks Me'N My Monkeys. The washing is piled so high I'm struggling to see the tv... but I'm sure tomorrow will be a new and productive day!! ;)


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