Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Ultrasounds, IVF and Skinny Male Doctors...

Last week I lost my phone. In my house. ((Sigh)).

It still hasn't appeared, but luckily I remembered that I have my pre IVF ultrasound today.  Just phoned them, it's in an hour and I need to consume a bottle of water, NOW.

The Munchkin is asleep and of course today will be a day that he decides to sleep for longer than his customary hour and a bit... I hate waking sleeping kids.  They are just awful when you have to be somewhere and you have woken them. They go feral and you watch everyone in the waiting room just looking at you thinking "and you want another one?".

I also remembered that I totally forgot to make the Doctor follow up appointment when I booked in the ultrasound.  I wonder how long I'll have to wait to see him now? Man, this IVF cycle is NEVER going to start.  My 40th birthday is just 18 days away...  Time pressure (in my head of course) anyone?

It occurs to me that I also forgot to lose weight...

I swear little skinny men who tell me I need to lose weight just make me more determined to eat more so I can sit on them until they scream for mercy!  I guess I'll just have to beg him to let me have my embryos implanted if he gets out the scales.

I guess I should take the weight seriously as part of the IVF package. I would really rather have one of my Frosties take and become my bouncing bambino #3 than have to go through another full stimulated cycle. 

Righto. Tomorrow I start losing weight.

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