Friday, 24 December 2010

Happy Christmas - and a bit of an un-Pollyanna-ish whine...

It's after 11pm and I am the only person still awake in the house. My work-a-holic hubby has been AWOL for the last 3 weeks and only made it to the shops an hour before they closed this afternoon. Hmmmm, he only had to buy for myself and his Dad, how bad can it be???  Well, lets just say he's warned me.  There is a reason this man has been known as Mobil Man since his teens - last minute Mobil Service Station shopping is his habit.

Now, I admit I left my Christmas shopping a little late (I started 3 weeks ago) for me who is usually done by September and last year when I was expecting, I was finished in July, a whole month before he was born, but I can not understand the prioritising of the two presents (out of 100's that we give) he has to buy. EVERYTHING comes before us. My poor old, long suffering Father in law will either get a regifted bottle of alcohol or some cash. I will get something frightful, unthought out and kitsch. Watch this space.

The one time he thought about my gift it was FANTASTIC. He can do it. I loved it, but he inexplicably gave it away without mny knowledge 18 months later...

So, tonight, once the boys were tucked into their beds I had the cheek to ask him to go down to the garage and bring up 3 boxes containing 3 outside toys to be assembled. He's too tired for that, lets just do it in the morning, ahem - dare I point out the fact that tomorrow is Christmas day and the boys will be up before us?? No, I just went with it and printed out big pictures of what is in each box (yes, I did FINALLY get him guilted into at least bringing them up) and stuck them on the boxes with a note from Santa about running late and how he knew their Daddy will LOVE putting them together for them.

I hope they DEMAND he do it first thing. No matter how I try I can't understand his thought processes...

Anyway, hopefully it will be a great Christmas morning here at home, before we trek over to the inner west of Sydney for the tedious and for some reason necessary visiting of every family member on both sides as well as any God Parents who happen to be in town. I really should not object when it is suggested that we go away on our own as a family for Christmas. I don't know how I forget what a special level of torture we go through from year to year.

Happy and Safe Christmas to all.

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