Thursday, 9 December 2010

Little Man's Pre-School Christmas Concert & the Big School Dilema

Today was my Little Man's Christmas concert and party at his pre-school. It was great they sang the National Anthem, home among the gumtrees and the Aussie version of Jingle Bells. It was great. He inherited the singing voice that missed me entirely, well I claim it came from my side but I think it is from his fathers side! He was gorgeous. He has long said he wants to be a singer on the stage.

Which leads me neatly into my dilemma over Big School.

I loved my education and always assumed my kids would have a similar one. I went to the local Catholic primary school followed by two great independent Catholic Girls high schools.  Unfortunately I have heard bad feedback on the local Catholic primary schools and knowing my elder son, who is a very intelligent global learner who I know will struggle with our education system which is built for sequential learners, I worry he will be lost in one of the extremely large and academically focused local public schools.  The best, but not very local Independent Catholic high school is selective and will be hard for him to get into if he gets lost in the streaming a big school.  We have always had a back up high school. Catholic and GPS, the only downside has been the distance from home.

So we started looking at the local private Christian schools. These are pricey and I've constantly felt the niggle of them not being Catholic.  In the end we decided to apply for both the Anglican and Uniting Church local schools.  The Anglican has a great music program and girls in years 10 to 12, the Uniting Church has an amazing old boys network, is walking distance from home and one of his two pre-school buddies is going there. Unfortunately his best buddy is going to the public school followed by a private school in the city that we discounted for various reasons. I'm churned up by that for completely different reasons!

Yesterday we received the next level of entry requirements for the Anglican school and today we received the letter accepting our boys to the Uniting Church school. Now I'm even more torn!!  We have 30 days to decide and pay their enrolment fees which are in the thousands and non refundable.  He wont start until 2012 and a lot can change in a year!

I'm guessing that in the circumstances prayer will be the answer...

And, as my blog is called living life playing the glad game I should be feeling glad that I have options, but in this case my usual case of Pollyannaitus has abandoned me. :(

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