Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Don't you just love when Mother Nature exerts herself?

My 2 boys and I have spent the morning visiting my good friend Kylie, her 2 boys and new baby girl, on the central coast. Kylie and I met while pregnant with our first sons because our OB appointments often coincided. They were both IVF babies and were due 5 weeks apart. This was where Mother Nature first intervened.

I was quite sad when I said goodbye to Kylie after har last appointment with Dr K. He had her booked in for an induction the following Thursday as he never lets his IVF ladies go over 40 weeks.  I was sad because I didn't know many people locally and we had hit it off, but hadn't progressed to the "here's my phone number" stage for one reason or another. So how did Mother Nature exert herself?

On that same Thursday I was 34wk +6 days pregnant and had a waxing appointment. Guess whose waters broke mid wax? Off to the hospital I went a bit peeved to be probably spending a couple of weeks on a monitor in the hospital, no thought of Kylie at all.  Just after midnight son #1 decided he was coming and in the wee hours of the Friday morning after a very quick labour he was born and whisked away to the Special Care Nursery. During my hospital stay I literally ran into Kylie coming out of her room across from the nursery, it turns out her son was born later the same day as mine! Buddies for life. We then also ended up in the same group at the Early Childhood Health Clinic.  Through many moves, more IVF resulting in 2 more baby boys (1 each) and now many kilometres we have remained good friends.  If I hadn't had my baby early we may never have crossed paths again. Thumbs up to you Mother Nature!

About 9 months ago Kylies Hubby decided he couldn't face any more children as his 2 were making life a little messy for him, so they told the IVF clinic to defrost their stored embryos. Guess what? 2 weeks later Kylie discovered she was pregnant with baby number 3 (they had always said they wanted 3) and she turned out to be the most beautiful little baby girl.

What a blessing! Mother Nature, you really do know best!

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