Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Since we moved house in August (all of 3 streets from the last place, mind you) we have been plagued by crows. It was funny to start with. Now it's getting dangerous. They have been throwing old dog bones at the house.  This week they threw a book at me as I walked out the front door!

Yesterday I watched as one tried to fly away with the toy broom off the back deck and last week they launched a plastic helicopter at my son (well I admit he threw it at them first). This is crazy.

So what to do?

Google my friend, you give me information and hope!

Suburban Torresian Crows·The Torresian Crow is a native Australian bird and is protected under state legislation.
·One of the most common birds found in Brisbane.
·They play an important role in natural pest management, preying on insects and mice around crops, woodlands and suburban gardens. Crows remove road kill and disperse native seeds through defecation.
·Emitting a loud, raucous call, they can often be an audible nuisance in urban areas.
·Torresian Crows have a bad habit of scavenging for food in rubbish bins, which can made local parks and gardens unsightly.
·In some instances crows are known to swoop passers by to protect their nests.

A CD that you play outside. Can it be THAT simple?? My mission is to test this little gem of a CD. Watch this space...

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