Friday, 20 January 2012

Unscheduled Interruption of Transmission


I have been absent from my blog for quite a while.

There was no plan to take a holiday from Blogging.

It just happened.

First I was just relaxing too much, enjoying my kids, all of the visitors we were having and the arrival of Summer meaning days outside by the pool.

Then, my laptop died!

It is still dead.

My brother, The I.T. Guy is going to get around to looking at it for me... soon... I hope.

I hate using The Workaholic's laptop.  It is huge and slow.

There was a car accident.  All the people are OK, the car not so much.

And there has been another change to the employment of The Workaholic.

Hence, silence on the Blogging front.

I have been creating blog posts in my head and will get them all out soon.

Its been a nice break but I am looking forward to returning to some sort of routine.

I'm planning a quick summary post to get us back on the same page but here are a few photos to wet your appetite...

Nope.  Not my laptop.  You will have to wait!! ;)

Happy 2012 Everyone!  Catch ya soon.

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  1. Welcome back. I hope that the laptop and car can be repaired (or replaced) economically. I'm especially the none was badly hurt in the car accident.


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