Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Day 1, Done and Dusted

The result of a good first day of school...

The Little Man went off to school a very excited little soldier this morning.

He woke us at 7am, fully dressed, raring to go.  He started at 10am...

It was a long morning.

I was pleasantly surprised when we got to the Kindergarten building to find a very calm and peaceful set up.  He went off with the K-2 head teacher to put his backpack and hat in his locker then returned to kiss us good bye.  Then he looked around, said hi to his friends that he went to pre school with, then did a tour of all of the activities on offer before settling on one where he knew none of the other participants.  Very confident and self assured.  It brought a tear to the Workaholics eye and he could not get to the car fast enough!!  I was not teary at all.  I am good with beginnings, it's endings that get to me.

He had brilliant day.  They don't allocate them a class until a few weeks in but they give them a locker and a group colour.  He was stoked to be blue.  Once the teachers get a feel for which friendships should be encouraged and which should not, who can read and who cannot, who is loud and who is quiet, they allocate them to a permanent class and teacher, balancing it out across the three classes so no single teacher gets all the big mouths.  I like this approach.

He came home, stripped down to undies (and refused to get anything else on as he "had been wearing too much all day"), emptied his backpack of his lunch box, had a snack and helped make dinner, ate dinner had a bath, read a story with me and was asleep by 7.15pm.  He really still needs his daily nap.

Tomorrow he starts at 8.15 and the Munchkin has a make up day at pre-school.  I suggest there will be more tension in the house of O in the morning.

Did you have a Kindergarten start today? Did it go well?

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