Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Well Hello There Internet!

Long time no see!

It has been a while hasn't it?  I've had a little unscheduled break from blogging.

Partly due to technical issues and partly due to being so damn busy I could not string a sentence together each time I attempted to blog!

Anyway I seem to have come through the other side of whatever was "blocking" me and here I am back again.

So what happened in the House of O since I last blogged?

I recovered from the bug that had me bedridden.

I gave up caffeine.

The Little Man went back to school.

I failed to submit a test to Uni due to a brain explosion. Yes I was too stressed to do it.

I studied a lot, but I talked about needing to study even more.

I aced a test.

I freaked out about an assessment that is total gobbledy gook to me (and I am still freaking out about it).

You be the judge - there are 6 pages just like this...

We had extra kids for a few nights which meant 3 different school pick ups and drop offs for me.

The Little Man found his "position" in his soccer team and they slayed every team they played. The last score was 30 -1. They have been re-graded thankfully.  Egos are out of control.

Occupational Therapy is showing immediate and massive results. And costing me a fortune.

We made it through our first school fete.  The cakes we made went quickly.

I'm on the final countdown to my annual scrapbooking retreat.  I cannot wait!!

My Birthday Kindle got a work out as did my new iPhone.  Thank you Workaholic.

The toys did not get culled and the sunroom is still strewn with them.

News for the letters L and H were completed.  I'll put those up later.  L was for lollies and H for Hiro.

The cold weather has hit and I am so happy to be in my winter wardrobe.  I love cold weather fashion!

I got addicted to Instagram.  Probably took over from the caffeine!!

So much more happened but my mind is not co-operating right now, but believe me I am back and I have lots to say!

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