Thursday, 10 May 2012

Seduced By a Kitchen Appliance

Recently The Little Man's school had their School Fete.  It was our first so I was eager to be involved.  I donated to the K-2 Tombola stall and dutifully collected my cake boxes and made cakes.

It just so happened that the week of the fete we had about 4kg of bananas going brown on the kitchen bench thanks to one of the Workaholics clients, so I decided to make banana cakes in addition to some cupcakes.

The thing is, I have never bought myself a mixer other than the cheapo handheld electric ones you pick up at the supermarket, so I mixed each cake individually, washing up in between.

It was long and torturous to my back.  Our kitchen benches in this rented house are not meant for tall people.

My cakes were a success and sold quickly.  I felt like a very good Mummy when I delivered 3 banana cakes and 4 dozen cupcakes to the stall on the day.

In the back of my mind an idea was forming.

Then, last week my very good friend N, was planning to make her Possum a birthday cake and cupcakes for his class, when she put out a call to borrow my mixer as hers had died, been replaced with a cheapo handheld one which had also proceeded to die on her.  I dropped mine down to her and started looking for a mixer for both of us to buy.

I looked online and checked out the options and decided I must have a Breville Scraper mixer.  I've loved the idea of them since the ads were first on TV.  I hunted around and there are some great Mothers Day specials, if I want Red.  Today I went and looked at it in real life.  I love the red!!  Mothers Day is just the excuse I need too.  I came home and got on the phone to the Workaholic and pleaded my case.  He agreed.  Almost immediately.  What a Man.  Now I just have to wait until Sunday to get my hands on my new baby.

My soon to be new love.

Expect something rather new for me very soon.  A post that may include a recipe.

Have you ever been seduced by a Kitchen Appliance? (A.K.A. Please tell me I'm normal. -  OK normalish then?)


  1. Fancy schmancy! I'm not much of a mixer, but sometimes I am mixed up! My fave appliance by far is my coffee machine. That is all I need!

    1. I recently gave up real coffee. I'm on Decaf. But until then I would have happily said my coffee machine was my favourite appliance.


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